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L’impasse humaniste est un groupe de pop-rock psychédélique. Définit dans le domaine rock/noisy/expérimental (période 2007-2009) , le groupe entre dans une période psychédélique en 2010. En 2014, s’ajoute l’univers de la Pop.

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus, nuit et texte

 L’Impasse Humaniste is a band with styles consisting of pop-psyche and alternative rock coupled with a video animation display presented by a group of three musicians and a VJ that lead a unique and truly real audiovisual show. In our early years (2007-2009) we were considered, noisy experimental pop rock….a « Non Identified Musical Object »…we broke free of any artistic limits. Since 2010, with the introduction of VjSkuc, the band entered into a definitely more psychedelic and accessible style.

The assertive and expansive universe of Laurent Sales has allowed the group to present a style of Rock/Pop music in which only the feelings matter. The show is coupled with a visual display of images and videos projected on a linen screen (partialy transparent) at the forefront of the stage that mixes the artists thoughts with feelings of abstraction and Dadaism.
Our album « Emotion is Confusion », broadcast by the National French Radio « France Inter » from its release, and our 12″ EP produced in 2013 are testimony to an asserted and established band.
The senses are confused and bewildered and make the public simultaneously wander and become captivated, at the mercy of an unsensible psychedelic Pop.



Laurent Sales(Chant/Guitare)
Feat. The Liminanas, Moscou Division Plastique (Rock Garage), Morpion’s Circus (Ska).
Clément Ternisien (Basse/Accordéon)
Les Barons Perchés (Klezmer/monde), La Gouailleuse (chansons), Cie Gérard Gérard, Cie Les Petites Gens.
Simon Azema
Captain Flem’, the Brain Suckers from Planet X, the Horn Explosion, the Hippies Killers, the Mythics(rock)
Celine Douineau


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9, rue des noisetiers

66300 Llauro

SALES Laurent


06 14 42 39 12 (Laurent)



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